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Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign

Here’s your chance to show your support and help us get this project off the ground (literally). In return we have some lovely, handmade, thank you gifts to send your way. Any amount helps – and is really appreciated! Be sure to share this page with your friends and let’s keep the rope rolling in. […]

Help make this happen

Your donations will go towards rope, lighting, transportation and the structure itself. This sucker is gonna take a LOT of rope – aprox. 40,000 feet in fact. The more funding we get – the bigger we can go. Any amount helps. Let’s work together – then we’ll get to play together. Can’t wait to climb […]

Seacompression 2013 structure idea

Trying to come up with a quick, dirty and cheap way to show off what we’ve done so far at SeaCompression on Nov. 2, 2013. I’ve been offered scaffolding to borrow – so we’re going with that for now….

How to suspend – idea #2

Build some kind of structure of metal or wood. Something like this:

How to Suspend – idea #1

Stack cargo containers and suspend the nets between them. Logistics: Money Stability Arranging with DPW for set up

An adult sized playground – crocheted with love from rope – creating a place to suspend disbelief, play and open yourself up to the possibilities.